Master Bedroom

Hey people!!

I had a pretty busy weekend, so I am a little late putting this up! It was a good kind of busy, not an exhausting kind. Those are my favorite. Every once in a while I need a slow, unexciting weekend. But most of the time, I want some fun activities thrown in there!

Anyways, as promised, I wanted to give you a walk-through of our master bedroom. This is what it looked like when we moved in:


I know this doesn’t show very much but it’s all I took when we first moved in for some reason…

Anyways, this is what is looks like now!







We kept it the same paint color, because it wasn’t bad and the rest of the house needed painting. We pulled up the carpet in all of the house and refinished the hardwood floors that were underneath. The stain color is Early American by MinWax.


These galvanized tin letters are one of my favorite things. Our friends got them for one of our wedding showers years ago and I worried what I would use them for afterwards. I saw a couple of people putting pictures of themselves over their beside tables and thought this would be a good way to personalize our “sides” of the bed! Our bedside tables are thrifted and I painted them white on the bottom, and have yet to refinish the tops of them. The lamps on our bedside tables are from Ross for $30 (combined).

Let’s talk through the shelving and collage wall across from our bed…


One of our biggest problems is having enough space for our folded clothes. This room doesn’t have enough space for two dressers, so I decided to have woven baskets under this shelf to store more of our clothes. I eventually will have a bigger or second dresser so I settled on using baskets I already had, instead of buying new. It wouldn’t be my choice of decor for the shelves but it works for now.


This is what is on the wall above it. Engagement pictures, cotton wreath, and an H. I like using pictures of the two of us in our room, not because we like to look at ourselves, but because I feel like that is the only room in the house where I want pictures of just the two of us blown up on the wall! 🙂 I like to reserve pictures of us with our family and friends for the guest room and living spaces.



I love this dresser. It is Austin’s dresser that he grew up with. It is solid wood and was painted white with red wooden round knobs. We kept it that way in our guest room forever until the one we used fell apart. So, we painted this a light grey and sanded and stained the top. I also picked up the hardware from Home Depot. They are similar to the ones we used on the desk last week!

Our wedding picture that is mounted above our dresser is actually at poster I ordered from Shutterfly. I then brought the poster to Hobby Lobby to be mounted on a foam board. I did this 3 years ago when we were first married, so I am not sure of the exact cost, but I remember it was a deal.


Let’s take a minute to talk about this huge bookshelf in our room. This is one of those pieces of furniture that isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing for the small space, but is functional for us. If you know my husband at all, you know that his idea of a good time is sitting on a screened porch reading a good book. Don’t get me wrong, he loves people, but this is one of his favorite things to do to reenergize. This is HIS bookshelf that his alphabetizes… He told me my books aren’t allowed. Every once in a while, I like to go mix them up to give him a run for his money. Anyways, since it works for us (him) for functionality, we painted it to match the our dresser. We snagged this beauty from the thrift store for $20!  The last thing I want to talk about it our bedding.



Our bedding is from West Elm. We have a White Duvet (West Elm Applique Ruffle Stripe King Duvet Stone White) for our comforter, and this Striped Grey Duvet (West Elm Coast Strip Queen Duvet Frost Gray) for our bottom blanket/shams. I love their comforters! I have acquired a couple of different ones over time because I have to buy them when they are on sale. You can get duvets from the West Elm Outlet in Asheville for $30. Believe me when I say that you have to search through piles of stuff to find them, but I think its worth it!

I set up my pillows a specific way and I know you look at this and say woah, you have a lot of pillows, but I really love the way they make the bed look. If you are interested, I put the pillows we sleep on in the very back, behind the big Euro pillows. Then the Euros, then our two king pillows with white pillow covers (always), and then our two standard sham pillows. You can throw a decorative one in the front for a little something extra! Also – a thick blanket at the bottom of your bed is the dream. Ours is another queen duvet folded up!


That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed our cozy little master!

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