Mom’s Living Room Update

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I promise I’m going to get better at this. We are just now coming out of our busy season with the holiday’s and big projects for our jobs! I am so excited to share my mom’s newly updated living room with you. I have so many memories in my childhood home. I grew up in a really small town that had very few amenities around so most of my “playtime” was spent in and outside of this house. I have seen our house go through many updates over the years but mom had been asking me for some time to help her update her living room.

Austin and I went to my parents over the holidays for a couple of days. The holidays are supposed to be restful, so we sat on the couch and enjoyed our family time.  Until… Austin and I were sitting around one night while my parents were out for a wedding and decided we wanted something to do. SO, we started working on their living room! Here are a couple of before pictures.



The first thing we did was tackle the fireplace. The mantle was painted white (multiple times) and they had red tinted brick. We started sanding the mantle when we realized that we were going to need paint stripper to help speed that along. Since we didn’t have any at the house we saved that project until the next day.  Although, with what little we sanded, we were able to quickly notice how pretty the uncovered wood was!

SO, we moved on to painting the fireplace. We used a white leftover paint in their garage.  One of my favorite white paints is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. We rolled it first, then went back over it with a paint brush. We did a total of 3 coats because the brick soaked up the paint pretty quickly.


What a difference! This was taken before we finished the mantle and she got a perfect grey and white rug to go under her coffee table. I will post more finished pictures at the end.

The walls in her living room before were painted a light beige which wasn’t horrible but we wanted it to look a little more contemporary so we went with a grey – “Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams”. This really made a huge difference. Cool colors really make a space feel way more open and clean.



Also, my family hates me for this but I really don’t like a TV mounted on a fireplace. I know that it is, most of the time, the best use of space. BUT COME ON!! It is the focal point of your space! Don’t slap a big flat screen up there. Get you a good ole’ horizontal bookshelf or TV stand to put it on. You can even mount it above one of those pieces of furniture which is perfect! There are so many great ways to decorate your fireplace and it really changes how your space looks. I won on changing the TV out, but I didn’t win on moving my dad’s little workspace in front of the TV – if you were wondering what that computer chair is doing in their living room 🙂



Above is mom’s foyer! We just painted and did a little sewing table decor in here! Notice the cute cottage light in the first foyer picture. You can get it here. The gather sign is from the one and only, Hobby Lobby.


Image 3-10-18 at 3.47 PM





This TV stand is from target! You can get it here. She got the wicker baskets from target also! Here is her rug!

Some of these pictures were taken before the finished product and some were after. My parents live 3 hours away so I didn’t get to take all the photos I would have liked of the final but this gives you a good idea of what we did!

What I have learned about redoing spaces for the past couple of years, is that it really doesn’t take a lot of money to make your spaces look so much better! Yes, it would be great to be able to always afford hardwood floors, granite countertops, and those home decor pieces from Magnolia. BUT you really can make a huge difference with a little paint and a little thrift shopping. Here is a great example of cheap decor for your walls.

I have seen so many home decor stores with big baskets or wooden decor for sale that you can put up on your walls. These that we used at my moms were from a couple of thrift stores that I picked up over time. Look for similar wooden colors, and all different shapes and sizes. These made a huge difference and I think in total cost me $5. Get out there and get you some! My recently redone kitchen table DIY will be posted soon, so keep looking out for that!



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