Christmas Favorites!

I have always been one of those people that HAS to wait until Thanksgiving is over to decorate for Christmas, but this year just felt different. As many of you can relate, we go out of town for the holidays. Over the past couple of years, I feel like I put my Christmas decor up only to be able to enjoy it for a week or so. I decided I wanted to enjoy it longer this year, so I decorated our house last week! I will update you with room by room decor details but today I wanted to give you a quick post on some of my favorites during the Christmas season!

1 – Candles 


Frankincense by Bath & Body Works – This has a great spice/clove smell that reminds me of the Holiday’s. Also, how cool is it that Frankincense was brought to Jesus as a gift.

Spruce by Bath & Body Works – This smells like a Spruce Christmas tree. It is from Bath & Body Works’ essential oil candle line. A perfect candle to burn while you have your Christmas tree up for a little extra Christmas tree smell. I LOVE it!

Fresh Balsam by Bath & Body Works – This is very similar to the spruce candle but has a stronger scent! It used to be my favorite until they made spruce. Definitely though, a must have candle for your Christmas season!

Balsam & Spice by Hearth and Hand – This smells like vanilla with a mix of Christmas tree. I really love it and it is smaller so it fits into little spaces well.

Pineberry Woods – This is a Hobby Lobby candle, and the first one I have ever bought from there. Its a fresh Christmas Tree smell but not overpowering at all. I have really enjoyed it in my living room over the past couple of weeks. Not to mention, they were on sale last week!

2 – Focus Aromatherapy by Bath & Body Works


These two items have been my go-to during these cold months. They keep me relaxed and keep my skin from getting dry. Bath & Body Works’ body butter is awesome!

3 – Winter Floral

The picture on the right is a mix of lambs ear and a deeper green moss. I like the contrast to make the lambs ear look less springy. The deep and light greenery are a great team for a winter floral arrangement! On the left, there are a couple of pine limbs with small pinecones on them. I also put a burlap gold flower that I picked up from Pier One last Christmas season.

These Cypress/Pine/Sage Stems are on my dining table! They are from Hearth & Home by Magnolia. You get 4 for $8! They are very full so you can use them as a filler in a glass box/jar also! I love the concept of bring the outside in, especially around Christmas. It makes my house feel so cozy!

4 – Canvas Tote Bag

I use a tote for my every day purse year round! Hearth & Home by Magnolia just came out with the great grey canvas tote bag for $35. It has pockets on the inside to sort your “quick-grab” items, but gives you plenty of room to carry more than just your wallet and phone! Especially during the Christmas season, I find myself needing a little more room in my everyday bag!

5 – Flannel Pillows

There is something about flannel that is so cozy! I made these great flannel pillow covers to go over my off-season pillows in our living room and on our master bed! I will be posting a DIY soon but you need to know that I made 5 pillows for $15! They will be used for many Christmas’ to come!


I also snagged up one Hearth & Hand Black and White Sweater Pillow that works great with my homemade ones!

6 – Red Stockings

We have had these red stockings for a couple of years now! They have plenty of room for goodies, and are versatile for any style Christmas Decor. I found mine at a West Elm Outlet but you can find similar ones from Pottery Barn here! They are on sale now!


7 – Christmas Card Holder

I have never received more complements on something that I picked up off the side of the road! I don’t know what this was used for in its previous home, but I always put it up for Christmas to hold all of our Christmas Cards! I bought a pack of little wooden clothespins and it does the trick!


8 – Merry Christmas Banner

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places to shop for cheap Christmas decorations! You can find this Merry Christmas Flannel Banner for $6 there! I used the “Merry” in our living room and the “Christmas” in our Master Bedroom!

9 – Small Christmas Trees

I love putting smaller Christmas trees in different rooms in our house. You can find this Christmas tree at Target in the $3 section. Go grab you one… or 5!


10 – Note Cards

Austin and I have many great supporters that help us do Young Life and really just help us make it through each day! Sending them a little note thanking them and wishing them a Merry Christmas is on our to-do list every year. You can pick up 16 of these note cards in the dollar section at Target for $3!


11 – Cozy Slippers

We have hardwood floors and baseboard heating (per room), so our floors are nice and chilly during the winter! I picked up these for $25 at a JCrew Outlet this weekend and they are the best! They have a rubber sole on them to give me support, and are also filled with fur to keep my feet nice and cozy!


12 – Flannel Napkins with Galvanized Tin Napkin Rings

These work great to bring in flannel to your kitchen! I promise I weigh out all of my flannel with other non-flannel things, but this is a great way to tie your rooms together. I picked up four of these napkins at TJ Maxx for $7 then grabbed Hearth & Hand’s tin napkin rings at Target!

13 – Winter Magnolia Journal Issue

Last but not least! You probably can tell that I really love Joanna Gaines’ style. Before I even knew about her,  I always loved bringing the outside into my home. She does this SO WELL! I love reading how she puts things together and hearing her seasonal traditions. You can grab a years worth of issues right here!

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