Rental Fixer Upper

When we first moved to Burlington for Austin’s job, we rented an apartment that we were thankful to stumble upon. We never walked through the space, but did a little research and committed. After living there for our first 5 months, a friend of ours told us about a rental house that we couldn’t pass up. Austin was pretty hesitant at first, but after some convincing he went for it. He couldn’t get passed the cobwebs! 😉


We haven’t lived here for long, but we feel like we are at home. The house wasn’t in the best shape when we first moved in, but it had so much potential. Some of the changes we made right away were painting the walls, trim, and changing out light fixtures. We couldn’t believe how different the house looked even with just the few projects we had done.



We knew pretty quickly that once we moved into the house that we would be here for the rest of the time that we lived in Burlington. One of the most needed updates for the house were the floors. The carpet in the living room and guest bedroom were in pretty rough shape, so we called and asked our landlords if it would be okay if we put in new flooring. When they gave us the go ahead, we started right away.

I started pulling up the carpet in the living room and found unfinished hardwood floors that were put into the house when it was built (used as a subfloor – couldn’t believe it!!).  I quickly ripped up the carpet and padding up that day in our living room and started moving furniture out of our other rooms. Our house is only around 1000 square feet so it didn’t take too long.


While we were refinishing our floors, we housed a lot of our furniture on our screened in porch. We also screened in our carport to give our golden retriever (Huck) a little extra space to run around inside. We have loved this investment!


Our master bedroom, guest bedroom, and bathroom got a little update also!

The master…


Guest Bedroom…


& our one and only bathroom!


There are many more projects on our horizon but I enjoy looking back to see how far we have come. More detailed updates coming your way in the near future!


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  1. I miss seeing all your projects- thanks for blogging! Hope you are doing well and would love to see you if you are ever in Hickory!


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