Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

So excited to share with you my late morning project! So thankful for Spring and the refreshment it brings!

I had an extra grapevine wreath in our guest bedroom in hopes of making another magnolia wreath for our house but came to the conclusion that if I put one more magnolia leaf in our house that I would be overdoing it! SO, I decided to go with a boxwood wreath instead! We are renting a cute, old, ranch style house that is lined with
boxwood bushes in the front yard. I have been trimming them (every week it feels like) to keep them from taking over our sidewalk. This worked well for the stems I needed to do my boxwood wreath!

IMG_5893Things you need:

1 Grapevine Wreath ($3-$6) – use your coupon if buying from Michaels or Hobby Lobby!

1 Hot Glue Gun – called this a glue stick in the video, oops!

Real or Faux Boxwood Stems (Real – $0) (Faux – $20/vine)

A little on real vs faux. Real stems are cheaper and dry a to a dimmer green. I have a boxwood wreath above my sink that is dried from Christmas and still looks great! Keep in mind once these wreaths dry, they tend to shed when bumped or moved. You could also go the faux route. Faux Boxwood vines can be bought at different craft stores. You wouldn’t have to worry about your leaves turning dimmer but this can get costly depending on how full you prefer your wreath to be – it could be as easy as tying the vine on your grapevine with wreath wire. To achieve the look I have done with the real stems, you would need to cut the faux stems off of the vine and hot glue the majority of them into the grapevine. Since the stems aren’t real, they won’t stay in as well.

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